MEDIATION: The Path to Solving it Together.

Every mediation is unique and will be curated to your needs. Mediation is about coming together and making things work, even when it feels challenging. If you can't see eye-to-eye, but you're both committed to being fully engaged in the process and want a full say in the outcome, mediation is right for you. 

Here's how mediation works, from the first in-person or phone meeting to the signed separation agreement.

1) Phase 1:  PRE-MEDIATION: First, you'll have a private meeting with the mediator to discuss what you want out of the process, and any issues you can see coming up.

This meeting is for you to express your frustrations, wants & to receive the support you need to infuse a dose of sanity and peace in the process, right from the get-go.

During this meeting, the Peaceful Mediation Quick Start Session (click here to schedule), we'll review the mediation-readiness checklist and come up with your personalized mediation plan. This is a good time to discuss the logistics related to the agreement. 

2) Phase 2: MEDIATION : This is the "meat" of our work together. Everyone involved will come to the table, ready to move towards agreement. Typically, this is one to five deep-dive meetings to establish what's needed in the agreement to meet your needs and the needs of your children.

3) Phase 3: FINAL AGREEMENT: At this point, you can go home while the mediator gets to work and creates your agreement. This will be the paper you'll sign with your ex, so you can both move on with your life and know you have all the details you need in place. Confetti throw, you can celebrate now and plan that vacation! 

PEACEFUL PROCESS. Peace of mind. Peace of heart.

I custom build safety into every case's process.

Very few cases are not suitable for mediation. While in-person meetings are the usual, they are not the rule. I build the process with the clients to ensure it works for them. We can meet


✔️ by telephone (conference or one-on-one)

✔️ by videoteleconference

Your money = your choice

Affordable solutions to help you move on with your life. We offer:

✔️ Competitive rates for legal services.

✔️ Flat fee for independent legal advice (ILA)

✔️ Flat fee OR hourly rate for mediation. 

Accessible Solutions for BC residents

Wherever you are in the province, I can serve your mediation or legal service needs.

Knowledgeable Guidance

Keenness counts! Each year since I was called to the Bar, I have completed well over the required hours of Continuing Professional Development. Law is fascinating! I like my clients and enjoy seeing them do well. Sometimes this means research which means more knowledge for me and more certainty and reliability for you.


Do you want any old agreement or one that will work as you want it to now and long into the future? Let's form that agreement and test drive it to see how it corners. But let's do so from the safety of  my office. Rely on my foresight and tactful probing to make an agreement that lasts in a helpful way.