You new beginning can't start until your separation ends.
Not really.  

That means, it's time to choose differently now, and walk down a brand new path. Mindful mediation is designed to get you there faster. 

It's time for you to make a difference on your future by choosing differently.

Mindful mediation is for you if you want to take an active role in deciding what your future looks like. It's for you if you want to feel heard and supported. It's for you if you feel you can't work with your ex, but you want to work it out, outside of the court system.  Click the button below to get started. You'll have to answer a few pre-qualifying questions to grant you access to our schedule.

    Breaking up is hard to do. We make it easy on you. 

    Together, we'll create your an action plan to make your separation smoother, more peaceful so you can get one step closer to living the life you want. Peacefully. Finally.

      This is for you if you want to feel engaged throughout the separation process, and want to have real input on the outcomes -- aka, you don't want a judge to tell you who gets the money, the house or the kids. You're ready & willing to work things out. 

      Sessions are complimentary, by phone or in person and offer the following outcomes:

      1. Review a personalized mediation-readiness checklist so this process feels powerful and peaceful. 
      2. A 20-minutes, 100% confidential session focusing on your custom mediation process
      3. Map out your peaceful mediation action plan & take the first step to smoother sailing and waters!