1. We don't get along at all. Does this mean we can't mediate?

YOU CAN MEDIATE! Not getting along is basically a pre-requiste for mediation. We will make sure you feel comfortable and safe during your mediation.

2. You're all into mindfulness...are you going to make me say "Ohmmmmmmmmm"?

Nope. Our lawyer and mediator, Aurora, has always used mindful techniques in her work - things like asking the question "Is that something you can really control?" or guiding clients to give instructions based on their true values. Anyone can benefit from such things. She does teach and support science-based mindfulness practices like simple daily meditation and noticing one's thoughts. These are things she believes to be helpful for all people going through stressful life events, and that can improve a client's decision-making and life for the whole family.

3. What types of mediation do you do?

Family Law



-living arrangements

-parenting time

-parenting responsibilities


-parenting plans

-child support

-spousal support

-property division (assets and debts)

Civil Law



-Elder care and care of others


-Small business


-Any other civil disagreement you want help with

4. Is an agreement as effective as a court order?

It certainly can be. With years of experience drafting agreements and orders, Aurora Johannson can draft your agreement to be just as effective as a court order. Family law agreements can be filed at court for enforcement.

5. How long does mediation take to reach settlement? 

Most family law mediations finish within the first month of sessions. Some parties take longer or shorter. It is up to the parties and their needs and level of cooperation.

6. What if we reach agreement on some things but not others? Will that mean our mediation/negotiation won't work?

No. You can have more than one agreement. For example, you can make a Parenting Plan, in writing, and then months later divide your assets.  You can make an agreement in your small business and then change it in writing, by agreement, later on.

7. What other legal services do you offer?

- Representing a party in out-of-court negotiations

-Drafting non-mediated agreements

-Independent Legal Advice ("ILA")


8. What if I don't want to compromise? This is important stuff!

We practice needs-based mediation. We believe this leads to more functional, lasting agreements. We strongly encourage people to seek legal advice from their own lawyer and to only make agreements that meet their needs and the needs of their children. Needs should not be compromised although one may give and take on positions and items to reach an agreement that meets their needs.

9. Is mindfulness a religion?

No. Mindfulness is a non-religious practice that can be used by anyone. It does have its origins in eastern philosophy, and it has been studied in depth by western doctors to establish its efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, and boosting life enjoyment. At Inside Passage Law, we feel this is an extremely valuable tool in resolving conflict. 


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