Family life is full of agreements, even sometimes when people choose to no longer live together. When you need a formal agreement to help your life or your family's life run smoothly, come to me for help. I have focused most of my legal career on family law solutions, so I'll have the knowledge and experience to help you form an agreement that will work for you. Also, I can help you each become mindfully attuned to what you can control, yourself. This helps you make more fruitful, effective agreements rather than ones you will still be quibbling about for years to come. Be mindful and leave that conflict behind you.



1. Knowledge - Get legal advice from someone certified to give it to you, a lawyer. 

2. Method - Negotiate the substance of the agreement on your own or with the help of a lawyer, who represents you alone, or a mediator, who neutrally facilitates discussions and recording of your agreement. 

3. Record - Get it in writing. Again, a professional will do this best. It is easy to make a legally binding written agreement. It is harder to make a good quality one that does not prejudice its parties. 

4. Enjoy having control over your own life.



Whether you are tying the knot, about to move in together, or are already living together in a marriage or marriage-like relationship, knowing your interests are protected can give you the peace of mind to enjoy the sweet life. Most, but not all, cohabitation agreements are made by middle-aged couples who have kindled romance in a new relationship and who wish to protect assets they grew previously. Such couples may love each other dearly and want to enjoy their life together maximally while saving assets for their own future care needs or for their children. When do people form cohabitation agreements? When they have something of value to them they wish to protect. 



When a couple separates, it is generally due to disagreement. Again and again, the members of that couple have been frustrated by their failure to negotiate their needs being met within the relationship. Hence the benefit of a separation agreement, a legally binding contract through which separated spouses deal with the issues arising from the relationship and its breakdown (where people will live, how to divide the property, who spends what time with the children, child support, spousal support). That same contract can also be your new rule book so you can keep the negotiations of daily life to a minimum and get on with living a full life.



A parenting plan is a legally binding contract between separated parents. It is designed to assist with the day to day life of your child or children and to reduce conflict within the family so that your children can get on with doing what they do best - being kids. A good parenting plan will contemplate adjustment as a child grows. By the time your child graduates, you and the other parent may have had several parenting plans to keep up with the best interests of your child. A formal agreement that decreases conflict leaves you free to enjoy your own time more too.


While we specialize in mindful mediation and family law, here's who else we can support with our legal services. Please contact us to get started or to find out more about other types of conflicts we can help you solve. 

Please contact us to get started or to find out more about other types of conflicts we can help you solve.