The passing of a loved one brings enough grief. Having to cope then with estate matters can push relationships to the breaking point ... but it does not have to. Addressing estate distribution through mediation can help people see eye to eye and heart to heart. Misunderstandings or incomplete knowledge unexpressed can have a destructive impact on relationships. Use a mediator to shed light on differences, real and perceived, so they can be resolved constructively with clarity and understanding. 

Come together with a neutral professional mediator who holds space for you and your loved ones. This way you can safely have the challenging conversations from which peace and understanding can grow and legal issues can be resolved. 

Your mediator will be happy to mediate with just the parties present or with lawyers present or regularly consulted. We can include the help you need for this process to succeed. 

We can mediate in person in Kelowna, BC, travel to your destination in BC or meet by telephone conference call or video-teleconferencing (like Skype or Zoom).