During the average work week, we spend more time with our workmates than with our family. Assuming you love or at least like what you do, that is a large chunk of your life. What if it feels terrible, creates anxiety and stress reactions that affect your productivity, creativity, income or your health or the health of others? Most people experience some challenging relationships at work at some point in their working life. Most of these relationships can improve with the right help. 

Through mediation, coworkers, colleagues, employees and employers can all identify the values that underlie their behaviours and decisions. Together you can learn what works, and doesn't, for you and others. You can enhance what is working and let go of what saps energy and productivity and costs everyone time and money. And you can do so by agreement! Agreement matters. People are more likely to stick to changes they agree to themselves rather than changes foisted on them, with or without their input.

Your mediator can meet with all affected parties, and assess the work environment and its relationships in an holistic way getting to the root of problems to reduce or eliminate their recurrence. We can help the parties to build durable agreements that will have a lasting positive impact in the workplace. 

Let's get your work relationships working!