We all want to know that our loved ones are safe and secure. We want to know that if we, ourselves, need care our representatives will act in our best interests. We want to have a say about our own care if at all possible.

People plan for a day when they may need major or minor help and complete complete Representation Agreements and Powers of Attorney or Living Wills. A day may come when those documents need to be used or when family members or representatives cannot agree on exactly what will provide best for the needs of their loved one. What then?

When you reach an impasse, or before, your mediator can help you form agreements about caring for you or your loved one in a way that sets your mind and the minds of the other care-givers at ease. Most importantly, this agreement will meet the needs of the person in care. 

Time is of the essence. Use a mediator to find a sound way forward, shorten disagreements and create constructive and positive outcomes. Spend the rest of this precious time enjoying the company of your loved ones.